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Política Nacional / 09/07/2021


Gilmar Mendes: Pazuello's management at the Ministry of Health was a disaster

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Gilmar Mendes: Pazuello's management at the Ministry of Health was a disaster

STF Minister defends the Armed Forces' self-criticism and mocks the defense of the printed vote

The minister of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) Gilmar Mendes criticized this Thursday (8) the administration of Eduardo Pazuello at the head of the Ministry of Health, between May 2020 and March 2021.

The magistrate also stated that the Armed Forces must understand the general's criticisms as natural and constructive. The day before, in a statement, the commanders of the Navy, Army and Air Force, in addition to the Minister of Defense, General Walter Braga Netto, repudiated the statement made by senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) during a session of the CPI on the Pandemic, criticizing what he called the “rotten band” of the Forces.

“We don't need to say that the Pazuello administration was a disaster. This is consolidated in those almost 600,000 dead. As people assume administrative and political roles, they have to bear the criticism that comes this process. That's why it seems to me that it is necessary to discuss whether active military personnel should exercise political-administrative functions”, he said.

“It is in this context, then, that the criticisms that are there are placed. I think that, all of us, moderation, consideration is expected, but it is necessary to carry out self-assessment and self-criticism”, he added.

For Gilmar Mendes, the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) relies on the military – which could be seen in the nomination of Eduardo Pazuello to run Saúde.

“I have the impression that we are living in a very peculiar situation. I already had the impression that the Bolsonaro government would be a government that would make use of military cadres, because obviously it was an old military cadre, and also not having an organically developed and organized political party, it would have to seek help the Armed Forces ”, analyzed the minister.

“What happened here at the Ministry of Health, after (Luiz Henrique) Mandetta's and Nelson Teich's nomination, was practically an assumption by General Pazuello and other military personnel, many of them active, and they became to make, let's say, an intervention in the field of Health – a very delicate topic, much questioned a political point of view.”

printed vote

Gilmar Mendes also questioned the defense of the printing of votes, an agenda defended by Bolsonaro supporters. The minister cited the case of the United States, which uses the printed vote – in the North American country, Donald Trump's voters questioned the results of the polls after the Republican's defeat in the 2020 election.

“We even forget to say that it was in manual voting that frauds were made – if not in the voting process itself, but in mapping, in that counting of votes. Now it was discovered that the problem in Brazil would be electronic voting machines. Now in this regrettable episode of the Capitol, everything that happened around Trump, the debate was not about electronic ballot boxes, but about counting manual votes.”

Mendes still needled Bolsonaro and recalled that the current president was elected councilor in Rio de Janeiro ( 1989 to 1991) and federal deputy ( 1991 to 2019), before winning the Presidency of the Republic (2018) without questioning the electoral systems. In addition, he recalled names that were elected in the wake of pocketnarism, even though he repeated the criticisms of supporters.

“He participated in more than nine elections and he knows that, in fact, what is portrayed in the polls and later on at the polls translates into electronic voting. I even, in conversation with the president, joked: 'I even tend to accept your thesis, because when I see the bench of your old party, the PSL, with (federal deputies) Hélio Negão (RJ), with Daniel da Silveira (RJ, currently at the PTB), I think it was impossible for them to be elected in a normal process'. But I understand that, in proportional elections, having a good vote puller, this type of, let's call it, an electoral miracle ends up being produced.”

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